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Ziyaad Isacc

We asked some families and teachers what they thought AND THIS IS WHAT THEY SAID.

To Mohd Danial

I am Ziyaad Isacc from South Africa, currently studying a bachelor degree at Kolej Universiti Islam Selangor, my wife and kids are here with me. My kids age are 4 and 2 and half years old. We recently purchased the Children World Series and have been using it with our kids for about 8 months now. We are really happy with the progress our kids have made through out using the programme. They responded positively to the learning and the parental techniques advice from Mr Danial. Being native speakers of the English language we are very happy with the result attained from the introductory of this programme as our kids can now communicate clearly in the English language. We strongly recommended this programme to every Malaysian parents  as it will not only enhance but also develop the language skill of their kids. I am recommending this product  to my home country and also looking to introduce it to the middle east market where i have previously taught the language.

From parents.

Ziyaad Isacc

Vista Apartment Bandar Seri Putra Kajang.

Special Quotes

"Apabila anakkita mula memasuki ke alam kehidupan yang baru pada usia pertengahan mereka, ANAKKITA akan mula sedar kepada perubahan ini dan akan berfikiran seperti seorang dewasa serta mereka ingin mahu faham dan belajar kepada semua perkara yang dilakukan oleh seorang dewasa."

"Setiap soalan pasti ada jawapannya dan setiap kelemahan pasti ada kekuatannya maka setiap keburukan itu pasti ada kebaikan yang tersirat didalamnya. Jika kita mendidik anakkita dengan penuh kasih sayang, saling menghormati dan memberi kepercayaan sepenuhnya serta menyemaikan segala ilmu akhirat dan dunia maka kita boleh membantu dan mencegah anakkita daripada segala keburukan."

"Goods things come to those who wait BUT great things come to those who act."

"The way of GOD are mysterious REMEMBER HIS ways are deep and not for us to question or understand YET HE is compassionate and HE always rewards the devout."

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